Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Wolf Girl" From Thailand, She is The World's hairiest Girl !!!

We just ever see a wolf man and wolf girl only in movie. But, it can be a real story in Thailand. Her name is Supatra Sasuphan. She is 11 years old girl of Bangkok, Thailand. She has an enormous amount of facial hair and the growth is restricted to not only her face but is all over her body. The Guinness Book of World Records has acknowledged the fact that she is the hairiest girl on Planet Earth.

The school going girl used to be regularly teased by the other girls of her class due to the hairy face but, not so now. She has become a celebrity, a modern day ‘werewolf’. The Guinness authorities measured her hair in an Italian show in March last year and have accepted her as a freak of nature.

Actually, this is a rare sort of disease that has no apparent cure. All known methods of hair removal have failed and the hair keeps re-growing. It is called the Ambras Syndrome in medical terms, till today there has been hardly 50 cases reported from the Middle Ages onwards.

Here are the Supatra's pics :

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