Sunday, March 27, 2011

Top 15 Craziest & Weirdest Baby Pacifiers

Do you have cute babies ???
Don't think your babies were cute before you try this baby pacifiers ....
Here are Top 15 Craziest & Weirdest Baby Pacifiers :

1. Chomp Baby Pacifier. Say 'Cheeeese'

2. Two Front Teeth Baby Pacifier


3. Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier is a weird looking pacifier that closes instantly when it drops

4. Vampire Baby Pacifier

5. On My Mind Pacifier
6. Pirate Pacifier

7. Wild Zebra Baby Pacifier

8. Soccer Pacifier

9. Lil' Piglet Pacifier

10. Safe Plastic Silicone Pacifier

This safe plastic silicone pacifier is adorned with a glittering galaxy of Swarovski crystals lovingly fashioned into the discerning scowl of an infant who won't settle for second best.

11. Crazy Teeth Pacifier

12. The Nutty Professor Pacifier

13. Give Me a Kiss Pacifier

14. Patriotic Tot Pacifier

15. Snarl Pacifier

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