Saturday, March 12, 2011

Omed - Omedan : Young Men & Women Do Kissing Ritual in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia. It has a lot of interesting things. It also has many beautiful places to visit and many cultures & rituals to see. One of them is Omed - omedan, The kissing ritual in Bali, Indonesia. What is it???
Unique tradition that only one in Banjar Kaja Island of the Gods, which is tradition omed-omedan or festival kiss between young men and women held again the day after Nyepi.
This year at least 50 young people who have an adult participating in the festival this heritage. The festival begins with a prayer together in the temple banjo and all participants must follow the procession is to be given the smoothness and safety during a kiss later. After the prayer the youth are divided into two groups. The first is a group of men and the other is a group of women.
The “elders” or the person in the village elder to “referee” festival this kiss. If the “elders” gestured start, the two groups confronted each other, it points to one of his deputies carried forward and collided kiss with representatives from other groups. Usually if it happens quarrels, men were more eager participant crushed lips “opposite” of his who seemed shy but willing.

To avoid getting hot kiss, the elders assisted the committee to shed water to all participants omed-omedan. However, not only the participants, the spectators, photographers and cameramen who take pictures too close too must be willing washed down with a bucket of water.
Kissing each other among young people is done repeatedly until the “referee” to stop it. The festival is watched by thousands of tourists and residents is finally over after last about one hour. All participants returned to the temple banjo to water sprinkled tirta.
Ayu Prambandari, one participant omed-omedan, had felt awkward when kissing with men because the participants did not know each other. “Excited to hell, is not surprised the same failure by whom. If here we do not know to who kisses a little awkward, her boyfriend if the same is different,” said 20-year-old girl. Ayu who was 7 times follow omed-omedan was admitted enthusiastic participants because they want to preserve a culture that has been handed down from generation to generation this. “Our parents used to be also involved, it is customary fear baseball come later if there is nothing,” she said.
Tradition omed-omedan began in the 17th century. Earlier this tradition performed during Nyepi day. However, in 1978 it was decided to replace it when Ngembak Geni or the day after Nyepi. “This tradition is just overflowing joy of youth teruni during the day omed-omedan Ngembak Geni,” said I Gusti Ngurah Oka Putra, community leaders Banjar Kaja.
In addition to respect for the ancestral form, omed-omedan held to further enhance the sense of camaraderie and solidarity between residents, especially young men and women.