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10 Most Controversial Breastfeedings in The World

Giving an exclusive breastfeeding is good for mother to keep her baby's health. Breast milk is best food for babies, but unfortunately the number of infants who received exclusive breastfeeding decreases. In fact, at least there are 10 controversial provision of mother’s milk in infants in the world’s most excited. 
Here are the 10 Most Controversial Breastfeedings in The World :

1. Women who breastfeed are removed from the plane

Legal disputes about breastfeeding in public places is ongoing since 2006 when a breastfeeding mother named Emily Gillette says that the Delta Connection flight attendant told him to get off the plane when she refused to cover the chest while breastfeeding her daughter who was 22 months.
Gillette filed a complaint with the Vermont Human Rights Commission (Human Rights Commission Vermont) and claimed that he sat quietly at the window with my husband there next to them while nursing in the plane.

2. Up to remove a photo profile of a mother who is breastfeeding

In 2009, a woman was annoyed because it realized that the photos while breastfeeding removed from the account up his photo album, though the image is only to show to friends and family.
Up reasoned that the photographs showing nipples are violating their policy because it is considered obscene or pornographic, so the photos should be removed without the consent of the owner of the account.
That’s enough controversy, especially among mothers who breastfeed their babies. To the extent that to express his protest, some women began to create a new Facebook group called “Hey Facebook, Breastfeeding Is Not Obscene (Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene) ‘. The group now has more than 250,000 members and nearly 7,000 photos attach middle mothers breastfeed their babies.

3. Breastfeeding school age children

There is much debate about how old the child to stop breastfeeding, but most Americans agree that when a child goes to kindergarten, then it is time to stop feeding.
But not with Amanda Hurst. The 29-year-old mother became the main conversation in 2010 because of decisions still breastfeeding her two children together aged 6 years and 5 months. Not only Hurst, in 2006, the British documentary, Extraordinary Breastfeeding noted a mother who breastfeed until the age of 8 years.

4. Breast-feeding a baby doll

Although this toy was never made in the United States, but the show American Morning Shows and groups of women across the country abuzz last summer to emulate the Spanish breastfeeding doll.
But unfortunately, a baby doll named “Bebe Gloton ‘(baby glutton) equipped with a small vest that makes feeding sounds and mouth movements when swallowing a bizarre blocked vest. This doll won praise from many supporters Giving infants mother’s milk, but the appropriateness as the toys become hot topics on NBC’s Today show, because the host said the doll is something creepy.

5. Baby clothing marked ‘Formula Powered’

Simple T-shirt Old Navy for a baby that reads ‘Formula Powered’ $ 5 is marketed since 2009. But these shirts got a lot of criticism because the company considered more supportive of breastfeeding than formula feeding for infants.
“It’s not meant to be anti-BMS,” said Louise Callagy, a spokesman for the Gap Inc., parent company of Old Navy, which also shows that Old Navy also produce nursing bras and tops.

6. Salma Hayek breast-feeding infants of African descent

Actress Salma Hayek opened a new debate about the type of nursing in 2009 when a video he was nursing a baby boy in Sierra Leone hungry appeared on YouTube.
Hayek told ABC’s Nightline that he was nursing a newborn baby in an effort to promote breastfeeding in the region which has one of the highest infant mortality rate in the world, mainly because of malnutrition.
And while HIV transmission through breast-feeding mothers is a concern throughout Africa. International health guidelines also recommend that HIV-positive mothers to avoid breastfeeding. But in Sierra Leone, the famine is a direct threat.
Hayek won praise for the mission and his video encourage a wave of discussion about whether Western nations should donate milk to countries in need, and not to provide infant formula.

7. Image of nursing mothers on the front cover of Redbook magazine 

In 1997, Redbook magazine issued resolusioner featuring actor Pierce Brosnan who stared at his girlfriend Keely Shaye Smith’s breast who were breastfeeding their children as a picture on the cover of the magazine.
The picture is actually not too exposed breast Smith, but some customers complained to the front cover picture was because it was considered obscene.

8. Julie Bowen topless photos of middle breastfeeding twins
ABC smash star Julie Bowen create controversy in May last year due to release a photo of her topless and lactating twins with photo-named ‘football hold’, ie a position that allows nursing mothers nursing twins simultaneously.

9. Statue of Angelina Jolie breastfeeding

Statue of naked Angelina Jolie in Oklahama U.S., who was nursing twins menulai enough controversy. In 2009, sculptor Daniel Edwards, described the statue Jolie sat down to feed the twins together for a job that seemed odd titled ‘Landmarks for Breastfeeding’.

10. Conflict Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama probably never expected that the campaign of his mother’s milk reap the conflict. Campaign gets satire from former running mate who becomes her husband’s opponent Obama that Sarah Palin.
Sarah Palin says, “No wonder Michelle Obama told everyone better nursing baby, yes because milk prices are so high now.”
Good intentions Michelle also accused of providing too much pressure on mothers to breastfeed. Palin and Michele Bachmann Tea Party politician and urged Obama to make rules for the tax reduction pumping equipment of fbreastfeeding.

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