Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top 12 Weird & Bizarre Body Implants

Many people use body implants to make their body look better...
But, sometime body implants don't help someone to look better...
Here are the pictures of Top 12 Weird & Bizarre Body Implants :

1. Woman With Horns

2. Pokemon Balls

Alex Finch acquired these Pokémon balls subdermal implants. According to him, he has been a fan of the Pokémon videogame and anime franchise since he was in third or fourth grade, and that he chose to get six Poké Ball tattoos in reference to the number of Poké Balls which can be carried in the original videogames. He also noted that the tattoos shown are “just the beginning” as he plans to get additional tattoos of video games, cartoons, and anime icons on the rest of the arm, including more Poké Balls.

3.  Ear Implanted on Forearm

A major theme of Australian performance artist Stelarc is the concept that the human body is obsolete. As such, his past artwork included hanging himself on a flesh hook suspension, attaching electrodes that control his body and then connecting the control to the Internet so those who logged on can move his muscles at will, and saving his liposuctioned fat for an exhibition. Now, he's on to modifying the human body, starting with a lab-grown ear implanted on his forearm!

4. Magnet Implanted

A curious new trend in body modification is implanting magnet in a finger. Apparently, this gives the "implantee" a new sense of being able to "feel" electromagnetic fields. According to Huffman, the magnet works by moving very slightly, or with a noticeable oscillation, in response to EM fields. This stimulates the somatosensory receptors in the fingertip, the same nerves that are responsible for perceiving pressure, temperature and pain. Huffman and other recipients found they could locate electric stovetops and motors, and pick out live electrical cables. Appliance cords in the United States give off a 60-Hz field, a sensation with which Huffman has become intimately familiar. "It is a light, rapid buzz," he says. 

5. Hand With Tentacle
These tentacle suction-cup implants were done by Dark Freak at Luck All in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

6. Man With Boob
For a man to have a boob job is unusual enough - let alone to have the silicone implants not in the chest, but in the leg. Lane Jensen's figure is now looking a little more voluptuous in an odd place after one of the most unusual operations of the year.Lane, a devotee of body art already, had a tattoo of a buxom lady on his shin. But for some reason, he decided this was not quite expressive enough - so had silicone implanted to make the etching stand out in all the right places. Canadian Lane, editor of a body art and tattoo magazine, even sat up to watch most of the operation carried out in Edmonton, Alberta. Brian Decker, owner of the firm Pure Body Arts, carried out the strange surgery which lasted just 45 minutes - and left Lane feeling nothing more than "a small bruise", but delighted with his new breasts. 

7. Bagels Head

Bagels are a delicious breakfast treat that can be enjoyed anytime. Not only are they delicious but they have that particular shape. The thick ring has now even been an inspiration to extreme body modifications, particularly subdermal implants. The implants are made from saline injected under the skins, thus classifying them as subdermal implants. They could also be saline injected into bags and placed under skin in desired implants. They can be in various sizes and there can be multiple “bagels” on a person.

8. Painful

9. Ice Cream Cone and a Cupcake

Body implants featuring an ice cream cone and a cupcake.

10. Star

11. Braille tattoos

Braille tattoos are a new innovation that allows the blind to enjoy body modifications too. Klara Jirkova, a student at the University of Arts in Berlin, came up with an innovation to modify the body to allow the blind feel those artistic statements through their sense of touch. Braille tattoos now let the entire world experience the eclectic pieces of art you may choose to put in your skin. The raised bumps that make up these braille tattoos consist of implants under the skin, and could include individual beads or a small tablet of embossed text. The beads can be relatively small, but not as small as standard braille text as the body's muscles would absorb them too deep to touch. 

12. Dog's Footprint