Saturday, March 12, 2011

Top 10 Most Popular Sissy Celebrities in The World

Many men in this world are in fact more suited to women than men. Many of them do not necessarily perform sex-change operation, but dressed as a woman everyday. In the world of shows like this are common, sometimes even difficult to distinguish, whether he’s a real woman or sissy. Some of them, owning to their appearance, some of which actually resemble famous celebrities, managed to penetrate the glamorous world of cinema. Here are Top 10 Most Popular Sissy Celebrities in The World :

1. RuPaul RuPaul 

RuPaul Andre Charles (born November 17, 1960), best known as simply RuPaul, is an American actor, drag queen, model, author, and singer-songwriter, who first gained fame in the 1990s when he appeared in a wide variety of television programs, films, and musical albums. Previously, he was a fixture on the Atlanta and New York City club scenes. RuPaul has on occasion performed as a man in a number of roles, usually billed as RuPaul Charles. RuPaul is noted among famous drag queens for his indifference towards the gender-specific pronouns used to address him—both "he" and "she" have been deemed acceptable. "You can call me he. You can call me she. You can call me Regis and Kathie Lee; I don't care! Just as long as you call me." He hosted a short-running talk show on VH1, and currently hosts reality television shows called RuPaul's Drag Race and RuPaul's Drag U.
2. Frank Marino


Frank Marino (born 1965 in Brooklyn, New York) is a female impersonator dubbed Ms. Las Vegas for his longtime starring role as Joan Rivers in the Las Vegas drag revue Frank Marino's Divas Las Vegas, playing at the Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Famous for his lavish on-stage wardrobe (much of which was designed by Bob Mackie, who has also done fashions for Rivers), Marino has received two Las Vegas Walk of Fame stars and received another star as well as having a street named after him when Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman honored his hard work and commitment to the Las Vegas performance world with "Frank Marino Day" on February 1, 2005.
Marino has been playing Joan Rivers in Las Vegas drag shows since 1985 and, according to his 2005 appearance on the Discovery Health Channel series Plastic Surgery: Before and After, once held the unofficial record for the longest continuous performance run at a single casino in Las Vegas when he played Rivers for more than 20 years at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in the long-running drag show An Evening at La Cage; according to his website, he now holds the record as the longest-active and longest-running headliner on the Strip. He has appeared both as his Joan Rivers persona and as himself in several movies and TV shows. Once sued by Rivers for $5,000,000 (US) in the 1980s, the pair have since reconciled and have even appeared on TV shows together.
Marino and his longtime partner Alex [Shannon] Schechter currently reside in Las Vegas. In late 2004, Marino, his birth mother Mary Mastrangelo, and Alex's mother Malka Schechter were filmed for a feature for Plastic Surgery: Before and After, having a family outing at Dr. Goesel Anson's plastic surgery practice; the trio's plastic surgery results were shown for the first time on national TV in May 2005.

3. Mimi Marks

Mimi Marks is a transsexual entertainer. She performs at The Baton Show Lounge in Chicago.
Mimi was born Mark in Waterloo, Iowa, but grew up in Oelwein, Iowa. As a boy, she recalls feeling "uncomfortable in her body," and had the "most difficult time" in her physical education class because, she says, "I didn't fit in at all."
After undergoing some sex-reassignment surgeries (to date Mimi still hasn't had complete sexual reassignment), Mark became Mimi. According to Trantasia, a transsexual beauty pageant documentary, she has lived as a woman since she was 21 years old. Mimi started performing in Milwaukee at a club called "Dance, Dance, Dance" with some help from a performer from Australia by the name of Holly Brown. Mimi says that, for transwomen in Chicago, the test of whether they can pass as women is to appear in public at Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs: “"If you could walk through Wrigley-ville, like, during a Cubs game and not get 'spooked,' and not have anybody call you out, you were like the 'girl-iest' girl, you made it. I called [a friend] and said, 'I am at a Cubs game on first base, eleventh row. I made it. I'm a girl!'"
In 1986, Mimi won her first pageant title: Ms. Waterloo 1986. She has also won Miss International Queen, Pattaya, Thailand; The World's Most Beautiful Transsexual Contest, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; and Miss Continental, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
In 2008 Mimi appeared in Janet Jackson's musicvideo Rock With U.

4. Aurora Sexton

He first performed at Boulder, Colorado, and the audience loved it so often he appeared there. Aurora was born in Denver, Colorado. There’s no mention who the boy name, he just calls himself is Aurora Sexton.

5. Lana Blake

He is a career for 15 years in the world shows Texas, USA. He also has won many contests, at least he has collected 10 more titles in various competitions. In Texas show business, the name Lana Blake was almost like a ‘quality assurance’ because he was so loved that his performance is always successful. Arguably, Lana Blake is one of the famous star in Texas.

6. Lisa Beaumann

Lisa has a degree in theater. It makes a unique appearance because he was animating life stage. He is a versatile artist. He appeared in a number of very serious performances in Louisiana, and the audience loved it. He has several favorite stars in between, Liza Minelli, Carol Channing, Shania.

7. Romy Haag Romy

Romy Haag Romy comes from from Holland, but his popularity in countries across Europe, he is even very popular in Germany. He was born with the name of Edouard Frans Verbaarsschott in 1951. At that time, he is quite brave to appear as a woman, that is at the age of 16 years. In 1972 he came to America to try his luck in the world of entertainment and performing a few years later.

8. Pete Burns

Pete was born in 1959 of British nationality father and Jewish mother, he got married for 25 years, then became a woman after divorce. He became famous after becoming the first man in the band “Dead or Alive”. He is also known as the Flamboyant appearance. Pete Burns’s life journey interesting enough scrutiny. Pete got married to a woman and the marriage lasted 25 years, before he divorced his wife. Ironically, he then switched transformed himself into a woman.

9. Steven Wayne

He’s almost resemble with famous Celebrity Cher, He was born and raised in West Virginia. His stage career began in 1987 at the club “The Shamrock.” Then he settled in Las Vegas since 1999. When viewed at a glance, look like Cher, famous celebrities. When he appears on stage, anyone almost difficult to distinguish whether it is genuine or fake Cher aka Steven Wayne. He has a career for 21 years and he loved it.

10. Chad Michaels

Besides Steven Wayne, there is another whose face looked like Cher, he is Chad Michael. Like Steven, difficult to distinguish between Cher and Chad Michael, both looking very similar. This similarity is very famous in the entertainment world. For two decades, thanks to the resemblance, he has worked with many actors and also Cher’s producers.