Saturday, March 12, 2011

That's Weird !!! Couple Get Married By Web Video

This is very unusual wedding. This couple get married by web video. it is weird,, but it is a fact!!!!
On her wedding day, 27-year-old Helen Oh found herself standing alone at the altar, in front of 500 friends and family. Samuel Kim, her husband-to-be, wasn't by her side, and wasn't even in the same building. But the Big Day still ended on a high note, thanks to some resourceful improvisation, and a Skype connection.

A few days before the wedding, Kim came down with a serious lung infection, which confined him to the isolation ward of a local hospital. Rather than cancel the ceremony at the last minute, the couple decided to go through with it remotely, via Skype.

Five cameramen filmed the event at the church, while Kim literally phoned in his own wedding from the comfort of his hospital room. The crew also set up jumbo screens at the facility, allowing the guests to see the happy couple in split-screen presentation.

Though the wedding may not have played out the way Kim and his bride hoped it would, Kim said he was proud of making the best of a potentially disastrous situation. "Guests said it was inspirational, they really admired my fiancee for being able to stand at the altar in the manner that she did, alone and not crying the whole time," Kim told Reuters. "She was able to hold her ground and I was able to hold my ground, not crying or anything."