Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top 10 Super Genius Kids in The World

God give a magic and extraordinary talent for some selected people. They're gifted with a magic and an extraordinary talent since they was a kid. They was super genius and really smart. Here is the list of Top 10 Super Genius Kids in The World :

1. Kim Ung-Yong (The Highest IQ in The World)

Kim Ung Yong, born in 1962, in Korea , is thought to be the world’s most intelligent person. He broke the Guinness Book of World records with an estimated IQ of 210. Kim was a prodigy child due to his unusual capacities to assimilate high amount of information in a short time. In fact not only to assimilate but also to process that information like no other person before. Think about this: at only four years old he was able to read Japanese, Korean, German, and English language; at five, he could solve differential equations. As consequence, he was invited, in his early infancy, to study at the Hanyang University, and by the time he was six, he had a job at NASA. He worked there until 1978, and today he teaches in a province university in Korea.
2. Gregory Smith (Sign Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize at age 12 Years)

He is getting the Nobel Prize at age 12. Born in 1990, Gregory Smith listed his name on the peace nobel. thanks to his efforts in establishing the International Youth Advocates. Association of Young people all over the world. He has never met directly with President Bush, and also Michael Gorbacev. 

3. Akrit Jaswal (Child Surgeon - The Smartest Kids in The World)

A Surgeon at age of 7 years. A nickname “the smartest kids in the world” has been attached to Akrit Jaswal, a child from India. He surprised the Public, when at the age of 7 years of doing surgery on a local girl in his place. the girl suffered burns on his hands, until his hands could not be opened, and jaswal did the surgery until her fingers could open as usual. Currently, he is listed as the youngest doctor in the world, he was accepted at the University at the age of 11 years.

4. Cleopatra Stratan (The Youngest Singer With The Highest Paid)

Cleopatra was born on October 6, 2002, in Chisinau, Moldova and the son of singer Pavel Stratan. Cleopatra was the youngest singer to achieve commercial success, with his album "La vârsta de trei ani" which was launched in 2006 (when she was 3 years old). He also holds the record as the youngest singer to perform live for 2 hours in front of a large audience, the youngest singer who has the highest paid (she was paid about 1000 euro per song), the youngest singer to receive the MTV Awards and the youngest singer through # 1 hit in his country ( "Ghita" in Romanian Singles Chart).

5. Aelita Andre (The Youngest Abstracts Painter)

Painters at the age of 2 years old. This Australian-born child, who is only two years old when she has already showed its quality as a genius, she has a theater to abstract works. At first, Mark Jamieson, director of the Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne’s Fitzroywas interseted to see a photograph of painting of Aelita Andre. and he wanted her to join the group because her talent of painting. When the invitation had been made, he had just realized that Aelita was a child as young as 22 months. But he still went on his show.

6. Saul Aaron Kripke (The Youngest Lecture at Harvard)

Teaching Havard when he was Still high school. Born in New York and grew up in Omaha in 1940. This genius, when he was in the fourth grade, had mastered algebra,and  when he ended elementary school, he was able to master geometry, calculus and philosophy. At high school he obtained a letter from Harvard for applying as a lecturer, but her mother told her to finish school first. Kripke was awarded the Schock Prize, the Nobel Prize in Philosophy. Now, he was named the greatest philosophers in the history of Michael Kevin Keaulus college at age 10.

7. Michael Kevin Keaulus (World's Youngest Bachelor)

He was born on 1984.  he completed college at the age of 10 years. Noted as the youngest graduate. He taught college at the age of 17 years. His name is getting stuck when she won an online quiz. In 2006, she reached the final of the sign Burnett / aol in the struggle of getting Gold Rush, game of testing / puzzles, and became the first winner 1 million in online reality game.

8. Fabiano Luigi Caruana (World's Youngest Grandmaster)

Grandmaster at age 14. A young American and Italian citizens is truly a genius. In 2007 he obtained his Grandmaster, 11 months, 20 days. history has recorded his name in the youngest Grandmaster. And recently in April 2009, he obtained a 2649 Elo rating, in the age below 18 years, making him to receive the highest ranking, and amazingly, it was doing before he was even 18 years.

9. Willie Mosconi (Profesional Billiard Player on the age 6)

Professional billiard player at age 6. Earned the nickname “Mr. Pocket Billiards”. He is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father was a landlord Billyard, but his father did not permit him to play, he often improvises with his mother’s broomstick. Her father saw his talent, he often beat the people who was older. Between 1941 and 1957, he won the BCA World Championship for 15 times without losing one single time. he made various tricks, making a lot of records, and make billiard as a famous game.

10. Elaina Smith (The Youngest Broadcaster)

a Broadcaster at age 7 years. In the age of 7 years Elaina has been a radio broadcaster with the listener beyond her years. Elaina has given many solutions of romance to his listeners, like How do to decide boyfriend, How to build a harmonious relationship and many more. It’s really crazy!

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