Friday, April 1, 2011

Goat Walks Like a Human By its 2 legs

Goat walks Like a Human ???
Unbelievable !!!! But it is a fact ...

A little Goat Walks Like a Human on its forelegs in a village in Northeast China's Jilin province. The goat was born with problems in its hind legs and was only able to walk with two legs from two months old. Yang Yang's owner Lv Shanlu says the three-month-old goat can run around his yard several times without stopping. Lv, 61, of Hexing village, Yanji, Liaoning Province, says he doubted the little goat would survive when he was born with little stumps instead of hind legs.

"He tried to stand up, but after many attempts, he failed and could only lie on the ground," he said.
"We worked hard to look after him. My wife and I took turns carrying him to his mother to be breastfed but we expected he could survive, and be so strong-willed."

Cao Yulan, Lv's wife, added: "It was really heartbreaking. He would stand up, fall over and hit the ground but then try it again. I could hardly bear to watch." Lv decided to help Yang Yang by teaching him to walk on his forelegs. Every day, he helped him to stand up and led him around the yard and, within a month Yang Yang could do it on his own.

"Now he walks with his mother every day and helps her forage for food. I am 61-years-old but never saw or heard of such a thing."