Saturday, February 19, 2011

What Must We Wear at a First Date??

Are you confusing to face your first date???
Are you still confusing,,,
What Must You Wear at Your First Date??
Here are some tips to help you face your perfect first date :

1. The first rule is to look gorgeous, feel good in that outfit and look sexy.

2. Follow the rule “less is more” and don’t exaggerate with the make-up, men like a more natural look, not a shiny one.

3. The same rule is applied to jewelry too. Better than putting on too many jewelry, choose some which tell a story about you, which reveal some memory to you (not about an ex boyfriend), which you can share to him.

4. Choose provocative lipstick and nail polish colors; red is the perfect color because it is modern and classic in the same time.

5. Don’t use fixative or other hair products. Men prefer natural hair; an alternative is to curve it to have a playful, romantic look.

6. Use perfume in small doses and never a strong one.

7. Choose simple clothes, which make you feel confident and good. Men don’t understand and don’t like ultra-trendy outfits. Anyway, they like when you show off your legs. You’ll never make a wrong choice if you use a dress for the first date.

8. Use clothes with a little cleavage, but nothing to exaggerate.
    Clothes which men prefer:
  • Naked back blouses;
  • Little black dress, always chic for a cocktail date;
  • Silk blouses;
  • High heels;
  • A belt around your waist;
  • An outfit not very sexy, but provocative combined with a little mystery.
9. Be confidence and enjoy the time at your date.