Saturday, February 19, 2011

Five Sports that Can Burn Your Calories and Fat

Calories and Fat always make women afraid. All women hate them so much. To lose your Calories and Fat, you must do your sports everyday. There are Five Sports that Can Burn Your Calories and Fat :

1. Jogging
At a speed of 6 km/h, in 30 minutes, the human body consumes over 450 calories meaning the same that we accumulate by eating 85 g of chocolate. Jogging has important positive effects on respirator and cardiovascular device. It is important for you to be properly dressed up taking into consideration that while jogging we sweat a lot. The footwear must also be adequate to avoid any accident.

2. Mountain hiking
This is a sport that shouldn’t be done without out of hand preparation. Articulation mobility is very important as by mountain hiking we lose over 370 calories in 30 minutes. Be careful to the equipment and to the specified rules concerning this sport. Read about it before practicing.

3. Swimming
It is true what is said: swimming is a very complex sport which brings benefits to all the body and favors consonant development to bone and muscles. By swimming for half an hour, we consume over 360 calories. If 30 minutes swimming is too much you can, take a pause.

4. Cycle
At a speed of 30 km/h the organism burns over 350 calories in 30 minutes. So just a bike walk isn’t enough. You just make an effort. Cycling favors muscles development and has benefic effect on circulatory apparatus and on the heart. Take into consideration also the fact that cycling has the benefits of a comfortable travel.
This sport is recommended to those who have some kilos in advantage as the weight is being taken over by the bicycle, not by your own legs.

5. Boxing
Women doing boxing is no longer a strange thing. Sometimes you feel the need of a brutal release, isn’t it? 30 minutes of boxing helps you eliminate 325 calories. Do you want to know other boxing benefits? It entrenches the cardiopulmonary system, pectoral, arms and leg muscles.
In conclusion try doing as much sport as you can! It will surely make you feel great.