Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to Detect Your Pregnant Early

There are some signs which show that you are pregnant :

1. The first one is well known by each of us: the delay of menstruation. Many of us believe that if the menstruation still exists we are surely not pregnant. This idea is often incorrect. It is very possible the menstruation to exist for two-three months in little quantities than usually and the pregnancy to have already appeared.

2. One of the clearest signs that you are pregnant is a visible change of your breasts; they become even bigger than they were before the period of menstruation and they ache. Most women confuse this ache of the breasts with the one they have before menstruation comes. In order to avoid this kind of confusion you should know very well your body.

3. The urination is frequent at the beginning (in the first four months of pregnancy) and this represents another important sign that you are pregnant.

4. Even if you aren’t that kind of person who eats all the time this doesn’t mean that an unjustified hunger and an emphasized appetite can’t represent a pregnancy sign. Remember! Don’t rely on this fact as the continuous hunger can appear because of stress too. The moment this symptom is accompanied by others you should start wondering “Am I pregnant?”

5. Another frequent sign of pregnancy is a constant, unjustified estate of fatigue. This fatigue appears because of the quantity of progesterone hormone present in a high level into your body.

6. A certain sensation of flatulence can also represent a cause of worry for those of you who aren’t prepared to have a baby. This symptom isn’t present only when it comes to a pregnancy as a certain digestive problem can also be the cause.

7. The nausea and frequent pukes are frequent in the morning although this doesn’t mean that they can’t appear during the day too.

8. If you observe that weird smells such as the one of gasoline or blacking begin to attract you, this is an unfailing sign of pregnancy. Most pregnant women also admit that they can’t stand the smell of coffee or tea.

9. Beside of having a darker color than usually, teats begin to be very mellow and sensitive at any touch. The sensation is similar to the one you have before the menstruation appears.

10. Your body temperature has been higher than usually for more than 18 days? That’s an unfailing pregnancy sign. This temperature chance is due to the presence of the hCG hormone in your body.

11. If these signs are present in your case too you should go immediately to a drug store and buy a pregnancy test. It’s the easiest method to find out whether you’re pregnant or not.