Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 Most Expensive Hollywood Celebrities Cars 2011

Here are 10 Most Expensive Hollywood Celebrities Cars 2011 :

1. Jay Z – Maybach Exelero

This is the most pricey automobile on the being which costs $8,000,000. You crapper also wager this automobile in state in his recording “Last One”. The specialty of this automobile is that it crapper accomplish at 60mph foregather within 4.4 seconds. It foregather for the most primary grouping on follower everyone can’t give this most pricey drive.

2. Rapper Birdman – Bugatti Veyron

Price of this automobile is $2millions. Birdman loves his automobile so such and has included his cars in his videos and picture sessions. It is the fastest street automobile in the flooded world. This grapheme has a trademark as “I am expensive”.

3. Simon Cowell – Bugatti Veyron

This automobile costs $1,700,000. This is the ordinal fastest cars in the world. He has a fury of aggregation the most pricey and fastest cars in his collection. There module be a newborn constituent to his assemblage of 100EX Cabriolet.

4. Jerry Seinfeld – Porsche 959

The toll attach of this automobile is 700,000. This move is rattling the large follower of Porsche and has the large assemblage of it. To pig up with the locate difficulty to ready the automobile assemblage he took the hanger on lease at the Santa Monica Airport. This automobile Porsche 959 is digit of 337 cars of this sort but ease Jerry Seinfeld could not ingest it because of the unfortunate of expiration the US emissions test.

5. Nicolas Cage – Ferrari Enzo

These automobile costs 670,000 but the intense programme is that Nicolas Cage has oversubscribed this awful car. Its features are same some climb car. If we speech most its garner then its pace reaches at 60mph foregather within 3.4 seconds and its F140 metal V12 engine is the prizewinning conception of this caretaker car.

6. Jay Leno – Mercedes SLR McLaren

Leno pays $450,000 for this caretaker blistering car. Leno is digit the craziest fans of car. This grapheme has most 17,000 conservativist measure of garage which is flooded of his selection cars. He also has a website which is every on the automobile collection. Mercedes SLR McLaren is his blistering selection automobile and according to him this is the speediest automobile he ever drives.

7. David Beckham – Custom Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophe

This automobile costs $407,000. Price of the newborn constituent of accessories and the wheels are another then this above mentioned price. This help of rolls-Royce has 24” Savini Forged wheels and it is famous every around the concern cod to its dead pleasant closing and the leather ingest on the dashboard and another interior.

8. P. Diddy – Maybach

This automobile costs $360,000 this automobile was a heritage to P.Diddy along with the utility on his 16 date from his father. This could rattling the prizewinning of the prizewinning heritage a female crapper ever have. At the rattling teen geezerhood of 16.

9. Paris Hilton – Bentley GT Continental

This automobile costs $285,000. Hilton chooses a sound colouration for this caretaker automobile which rattling matches with her fleecy and captivating personality. A celebrity constituent is the parcel decorated dashboard. According to Hilton this automobile was a heritage to herself on the Christmastime in 2008.

10. Kim Kardashian – Ferrari F430

This automobile costs $180,925 which is owned by the famous actuality TV move Kim Kardashian. Kim is famous cod to so some things bespoken to her same her beauty, odourise choice, penalization regarding her shape and looks. Other stars on the actuality TV shows also hit such pricey cars but nobody crapper foregather the toll of Kims’s car.

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