Saturday, May 14, 2011

Suman Khatun : World's Fattest 6 Years Old Child

Suman Khatun, 6 years old child from West Bengal, India is believed to be one of the world's fattest kids - and eats enough food each week to feed her entire village. She has the same weight as two Kylie Minogues, a Great Dane or England rugby player Jonny Wilkinson.

Suman, devours two giant plates of rice, two bowls of fried fish, two fried eggs and a couple of omelettes - and that's just for lunch, after two breakfasts of biscuits, bananas, rice and eggs.

Mother Beli Bibi, 32, isn't sure how much her daughter eats because immediately after lunch she drags herself across the road to demand more food from neighbours. She said: 'She's hungry all the time and all she does is cry. I don't like seeing my daughter so sad so I feed her. What am I meant to do?'

Suman was born a healthy 8lbs 9ozs but her appetite grew from the moment she began drinking milk.
Her father, Jalal, 38, earns £10GBP a week as a farmer, which he spends almost entirely on Suman's greed, often leaving the rest of the family hungry.
'Milk is expensive in India and I couldn't afford to buy her as much as she demanded as a baby,' he said.
'My only option was to give her food grains. I used to crush them up and hoped they would fill her. Maybe that is to blame because by the age of two she weighed just over six stone,' he added.

In one week Suman gets through an astonishing 14kgs of rice, 8kgs of potatoes, 8kgs of fish and about 180 bananas, as well as snacking on her favourite Bengali sweets and cream cakes. The worryingly obese child gorges on enough food to feed an average family of four - and still complains of hunger to her despairing parents.

 They're all mine! Suman clutches the two enormous barrels of rice she'll eat in a week

She does not exercise and is exhausted walking for any more than a minute, collapsing on a sweaty heap on the floor. Suman spends her entire day sitting in front of the television or watching her older sister Shabnam, 13, twice her age and half her size, play with neighbourhood friends. Weighing the same as basketball legend Michael Jordan in his prime, the six-year-old is too unfit to play cricket or run around with the rest of the neighbourhood children.

Suman's Super-Size Daily Menus :
First Breakfast at 7am: 20 biscuits and 12 bananas
Second Breakfast at 9.30am: 2 plates of rice and 5 eggs
Snack: 15 biscuits, 1-2 packets of crisps (whatever is available) and 10 bananas
Lunch at 12pm: 2 plates of rice, 2 bowls of fish and potato curry, 2 omelettes and pickle.
Snack: 10 sweets, 15 biscuits, 10 bananas, 2 packets of crisps
Dinner: 2 plates of rice, 2 bowls of fish curry, potato and tomato chutney

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Anonymous said...

LOL....someday she'll sad....haha

charlene barzey said...

this is sooooooooo sad

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ha..ha...haa... u look soooooooo beautifull most beautifull ever....

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she is quite rude to eat all her food from her family

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How can anyone call a child rude when her parents are allowing her to do this to herself and not teaching her anything!!!?????

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